Wicked Portrayals

So, I recently watched the entirety of True Blood as portrayed thus far, and I finally watched the X Men movies, which are things I hadn’t bothered catching up on until recently when I had a big glut of spare time to myself.

I really have to say, the portrayal of characters in these things, which are held up as big Geek Culture shows, is absolutely awful in a lot of ways.

Trigger warnings: Violence, rape

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Things I’ve Learned Lately

Once again, I’d like to go into musing on things I’ve learned about recently, to see if there’s anyone who might have some light to shed on the topic.

These are solely my observations of what I’ve seen lately. I do not, cannot, and will not make any wider generalizations from them, as generalizing is part of the problem that feminists are trying to combat.

Trigger warnings – racism, spousal abuse, gendered slurs

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