Enough of That, Let’s Talk About MEN

Ok, you know what, fuck all this noise.

I tried, gals, I really did. I tried to be kind and understanding. I revealed my sordid past of being a loud and obnoxious abuser, and none of you had the decency to respond and reassure me that just sharing the post already makes me a better person. That I had risked an emotional trauma right up there with those of you who expose yourselves to death and rape threats.

So I want to talk about the challenges we men face here in the blogospheroversoworldowebs and the gaming community, and hopefully get a little more of that respect the feminist movement’s claiming to be all about.

Look, girlies, I know you are taking risks when you go to cons. Nobody likes to be sexually harassed, sure, I’ll grant you that. But you know what? We have burdens too! We take risks when we’re there! We have to bear the mental strain of not knowing if a friendly pat on the ass is gonna make you flip the hell out! We’re just trying to be friendly, most of the time. I mean, what do you expect us to do, keep our hands to ourselves?

Also, on the subject of equality, why is it only girls get to be booth babes? I’ve never once been invited to do that, and I hardly think that’s fair.

See, it’s all horribly unfair in general. While you might be having to worry about harassment and objectification to the point that people are talking about using elaborate buddy systems and wearing shirts clearly marking them out as someone who can help prevent harassment, there are men out there who would kill your own mother for a little bit of that kind of affection.

I mean, sure, we could just go to a con for the sole purpose of enjoying the art, panels, companionship with fellow geeks, food, charitable causes, dances, film screenings, merchandise, music, comics, books…but that would make too much sense, wouldn’t it? Continue reading